Successfully Navigating the Skills Shortage in South Africa

Skills Shortage in South Africa: In spite of the fact that the unemployment rate in South Africa rose to 27.6 percent in the first quarter of 2019 and the fact that many companies are downsizing due to global economic volatility, finding top talent, especially in areas of scarce skills, is more difficult than ever before.

The reason is three-fold. Firstly, traditional methods of marketing a company vacancy (whether in the media or online) often attract an avalanche of desperate and unsuitable candidates and filtering this response is a lengthly and tedious process.  Secondly, the top candidates have their heads down and are so buried in what they are doing that they don’t have time to look at other opportunities. Thirdly, South Africa is a favoured hunting ground for scarce skills and these candidates are being identified and offered lucrative positions making cross-border working and immigration a desirable and viable option for skills shortage.

In today’s dynamic economy, the most cost-efficient way to attract and retain candidates with scarce skills is to identify and work with a talent acquisition partner who is well-versed in sourcing the types of candidates you require.

In the case of The Focus Group, Talent Mapping is used to determine future talent needs and source high-potential individuals in your field for future recruitment. It allows you to develop a strategic plan to fill identified skills and talent gaps. We utilise research and business intelligence to identify key candidates from your competitors who could fill important positions. Our goal is to ensure that you have a plan in place to source the staff needed to achieve your future business objectives, including assisting you to develop your employment  brand and employee value proposition.

With 30 years experience in Human Capital Management Services across South Africa, Africa and the Middle East, The Focus Group is an award-winning and reputable brand representing excellence and quality and one that strives to exceed your Talent Acquisition expectations.

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