Our HR IN A BOX Department is LIVE!
Streamline your HR documentation process. Get instant, easy access to contracts, policy documents and more.
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Enable Your Employees To Climb The Corporate Ladder
Individual and Group Learning and Development Courses Upskill yourself and your team to ensure your future success
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Employee Health Matters
Build a holistic Employee Assistance Programme Invest in the health of your employees to deliver tangible benefits to your business.
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Get Funding For Your Business
Need a cash injection to expand your business? Apply now and get up to R1.5 million in finance within 24 hours.
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We Place Out Just As Well As We Place In
Are you a Business Leader? Are you considering restructuring, job redundancies and / or retrenchments?
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Build a Heavyweight Career With An Executive Coach
Commit to being Career Fit! Break through barriers to success, while developing and unlocking your potential!
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Understand The Heart & Health of Your People
Understand the health and heart of your employees. Our Employee Climate Survey gives you valuable insight into the health of your workforce.
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We Make Your CV As Unique As You
First impressions last! A polished CV (and LinkedIn profile) are invaluable when applying for a promotion or new job.
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Identify & Develop Superstars With Psychometric Assessments.
Are your recruitment methods costing you? Improve the accuracy of your recruitment and employee development process.
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You’ve got this one life, make it magical.
Develop a personal mastery strategy. Gain self-awareness, and clarify and set goals to unlock your true potential.
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Build a Superhero Mindset to Combat COVID Fatigue
Is your organisation managing the Work From Home culture? Enable your workforce at home to ensure the future success of your business.
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Avoid Costly Hospital Bills With Gap Cover
Gap Cover is a vital insurance product. It bridges the gap between your medical bills and your medical aid cover.
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Assist Retrenched Staff With A Survival Masterclass
Do you need Outplacement assistance? Enable your retrenched employees with invaluable skills to ensure their future success.
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Re-Broke To Save
In these unprecedented times, every rand counts! At no cost to you or your business, we will re-broke your existing group and individual risk benefits and insurance covers.
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Make Affordable Primary Health Care A Staff Priority
Every employee deserves access to good quality, affordable healthcare. From as little as R120 per employee per month, we can offer your staff a comprehensive primary health care plan.
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Save 50% on Pain-free Payroll Processing
Outsource your payroll to professionals! Save time and money with our 24/7 Payroll Service.
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HR Departments Can Do More By Doing Less Inhouse
Need an HR Expert? Our expert consultants specialise in all HR-related tasks.
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Right Now, Every Business Needs Superheroes
Highly successful businesses with Superhero Employees do not happen by accident. Let us assist you in putting the right person in the right job every single time.
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Employ No-One Without Verification Services
Do business with peace of mind. Mitigate business risk through a customised approach to credit, criminal, qualification and reference checks.
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Rethink & Reset Your Business Strategy
Is your business at crossroads? Our strategic consultants have extensive experience assisting business leaders to define and execute successful business strategies.
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Hire Today. Cancel Tomorrow.
Hire contractors for flexible work capacity. In times of great uncertainty, winning companies need to be nimble and flexible.
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Easy-To-Use Employment Contracts
Save time by using our Employment Contract templates. One click and it’s in your inbox, ready to be customised for your next great hire!
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Empower Your Teen With Life Coaching
Is your Teen asking hard questions about life and their future? Our Teen Coaches help young adults take responsibility for their future to become the best version of themselves possible.
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When There Is A Will, There Is A Way Forward
Do you have a Will? Writing a Will, ensures that your life's earnings and belongings are divided among your chosen beneficiaries.
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