Attract Top Talent To Your Company In 2021 [Guide]

Attract Top Talent To Your Company: In the war for talent, attracting and retaining young, skilled employees is a critical but difficult task for today’s businesses. Mindful that pay and perks alone are no longer enough, businesses have to be innovative and creative in both their talent search and acquisition strategy.

When the goal is to accelerate company growth, business leaders tend to focus on two critical aspects: an increase in sales and hiring the right people to assist with business development. While marketing is the go-to strategy to influence sales leads, it is often overlooked as a critical element involved in attracting the right talent. While historically brand reputation was allocated as a responsibility to the Marketing Department and Talent Search was allocated to the Human Resources (HR) department, in the war for talent, it’s becoming evident that companies need to merge these two functions to create and promote a thriving culture which is not only felt internally but is seen as an attractive feature about the company from those looking from the outside in.

Think Google. Think Apple. These companies have taken the idea of business culture and completely transformed their corporate spaces into places that people want to be a part of. These businesses want their people to feel as though work is their second home and go above and beyond to create a happy, familial culture that encourages innovation and creative thinking. When a company becomes an ‘Amazing Company’, the attraction process changes to one of mutual choice and a ‘marriage’. There is an element of internal knowing from both sides that this would be an excellent match. We believe this comes from having the knowledge and ability to express the common values, passions, and purpose that are in alignment with each other.

3 Strategies for Attracting Top Talent to Your Company:

1. Create a Thriving Culture. The benefits of embracing a new, sustainable well being model allows enlightened companies to build and maintain a thriving culture by creating the conditions that support employees’ ability to leverage better thinking. By nurturing autonomy, mastery of skills and purpose employees are freed, fueled, and inspired to bring their best selves to work.

2. Build a Magnetic Tribe. A tribe is a group of people that band together for the common good of the group. A Magnetic Tribe is one that others want to be a part of. A company culture will attract the type of people who will enjoy being there. Top talent is drawn to the company because of the people. They’ll attract their network. And customers start to look at the company as a place they would love to work as well.

3. Turn Your Employees into Raving Fans. The great thing about PR is that it has developed: no longer is it one department’s focus to establish an exciting public image, rather a fully integrated organisational effort to promote the brand’s proposition and reputation. Regardless of the employee’s positions, they all play a critical role in driving brand value and exposure. When your employees are happy and satisfied, they become powerful brand advocates and are an invaluable resource in not only promoting your business but attracting top talent too.

While Marketing and HR have traditionally worked in silos, the competitive market place demands an innovative and creative collaborative approach to build and promote a thriving culture that not only retains the talent you already have but also attracts the best Millennial talent to ensure your business continues to thrive and succeed in the future.

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