CV - Advanced

This CV is ideal for employees with 5+ years of work experience in an intermediate, senior or executive role. Often experienced in managing people, projects, operations, and / or budgets. May have multiple degrees.

  • CV – Advanced


    A professional CV for candidates with more than 5 years’ work experience.

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In this increasingly competitive business environment, every single word counts.

A properly constructed and persuasively written Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a powerful tool that makes the difference when setting a first impression when applying for that dream job.

Since 1989, our Talent Acquisition Division has been compiling professional CVs, profiles and covering letters, assisting with career guidance, and coaching candidates through their job search and interview process.

With extensive national and international experience in talent identification and acquisition and human resources, we know what your CV needs to portray in order to secure that job interview.

Trust The Focus Group. Your best job starts here.