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The Focus Groups Interaction Management Development Programme (IMDP) provides new and existing managers (at supervisor, middle management or executive level) with the foundational interaction management skills in managing their teams and business relationships. Interaction and relationship management skills are imperative to promote positive employee and customer relations and thereby create a leadership culture that promotes high motivation and performance levels and retains high performance talent. This program can also extend to any person who is required to build and maintain strong customer relationships (in such case a separate business management development program (BMDP) is recommended). This training is delivered in the context of the labour legislation applicable to the relevant country.

With the high demands of our working environment, managers simply do not have the time to attend lengthy management development programmes. It is on this premise that The Focus Group (Focus Kamoso) has introduced its unique value-add learning and development offering – “Learning Bytes Series” workshops or modules. Learning Bytes are short interactive sessions spaced out ideally 2 to 3 weeks apart to allow for practical workplace application of interaction management skills learned in the workshop.


The Five Modules covered during the course include:

Personal Effectiveness Skills Modules:

  • Personal Mastery and self management (knowing yourself before you manage others – personality assessment and SWOT analysis)*
  • Emotional intelligence (EI) at work *
  • Time Management and Work Prioritization skills (time management, goal setting, stress management, actioning)
  • Conflict Management skills (problem solving, solution seeking and decision making skills) *


Leadership Management Effectiveness Modules:

  • Leadership management skills (leadership qualities, leadership styles, leadership behaviours)*
  • The Role of the Interaction Manager (in creating a positive and high performing work environment)*
  • Motivating your team (team management skills)*
  • Management PLOC Skills (Separate modules – planning, leading, organizing and controlling functions & tasks)
  • Chairing effective meetings (meeting facilitation skills)


Relationship Building and Management Skills Modules

  • Communication skills (including public speaking)
  • Interpersonal interaction skills (6 universal interpersonal skills – listening, questioning, building empathy, praise, constructive criticism) *
  • Assertive Communication skills (giving and receiving feedback using a direct, confident and win-win approach) *
  • Relationship Management skills (networking, influencing, negotiating skills) *
  • Conflict Handling skills (problem solving, solution seeking and decision making skills) *
  • Having Conversations that Count (frank, focused, factual discussions)
  • Business English Communication Skills (oral and written skills)
  • Business Writing Skills (emails, letters, reports)
  • Presentation Skills


Growing high performance teams:

  • Performance development and coaching (performance skills development and coaching skills)*
  • Coaching skills (line managers on-the-job training and coaching skills)
  • Mentoring skills (role of mentor in guiding and supporting the mentee)
  • Handling Poor Performance Counseling sessions (pre-disciplinary counseling)*


Management Survival Skills Modules:

  • HR for Line Managers (how to manage your team within the legislative framework and regulations)
  • Competency-Based interviewing skills (delivered over 2 modules)
  • Handling Disciplinary Action (progressive disciplinary sanctions)
  • Preparing for the disciplinary hearing (the company initiator/investigator preparing evidence, witnesses, evidence)
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings (chairing a structured hearing, evaluating evidence, deciding on the sanction)
  • Chairing Appeal Hearings (chairing a structured hearing, evaluating grounds for appeal, presenting decision)
  • Handling incapacity (poor performance or medical)
  • Handling grievances


Business Survival Skills Modules:

  • Business English Skills (oral and written skills)
  • Business Writing Skills (emails, letters, reports)
  • Presentation Skills (including public speaking skills) *
  • Chairing effective meetings (meeting facilitation skills)
  • Project Management Skills (the ins and outs of project management – over 4 modules)
  • Computer literacy skills (full MS Office suite – basic, intermediate and advanced)
  • EE and Skills Development (management and staff, roles and responsibilities for the Transformation Committee)
  • HR Management for HR professionals
  • Train the Trainer skills
  • Finance for non-financial managers skills
  • Customer Satisfaction skills
  • Managing Diversity in the workplace
  • Global Cross-Cultural Diversity Engagement *

The Learning Bytes denoted with * are suggested as the minimum fundamental IMDP modules.

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