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The cognitive ability test report gives recruiters a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s performance on one or more of the ability assessments, i.e. verbal ability, numerical ability, abstract ability and checking ability. The report provides an overview of assessments taken, including what they assess, how candidates score and guidelines on getting the most out of the report. Assessment results can then be explored in more detail allowing recruiters to see how effectively a candidate deals with the demands of the role in question.

  • Selection Report

The Selection Report describes the degree-of-fit between an individual and a given job role. Discuss the job with our Industrial Organisational Psychologist to identify and rank those behaviours that are critical for success in the role to be assessed.

  • Interviewer Report

This report offers a range of customised personality-based interview questions for the interviewer. 

  • Onboarding Report

This is a strength-based development report for the line manager containing valuable advice on how to lead and develop employees in their new role in relation to their personality profile and cognitive abilities.