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You’ve Got One Life. Make It Magical With A Dedicated Life, Business or Executive Coach!

No matter what stage of life you are in, goal-setting is intrinsic to moving yourself forward.

One of the greatest invitations that a brand new year offers is the opportunity to review past goals and accomplishments against a current action plan which is guided by a vision of the future.

The Focus Group offer 4 types of coaching to assist clients in unlocking their full potential.

Life Coaching

While coaching may seem like a new concept to some, to compete successfully as a world-class athlete requires the in-depth knowledge, wealth of experience, unwavering support, objective perspective and keen insights of a coach. The same analogy applies to everyone who juggles the stressors and strains of daily life and a business career.

A Life Coach is someone who helps you identify your life and career goals and mentors you to develop a strategy which includes a detailed action plan to achieve them. As is the case with most things in life, advancing is always easier when you have someone in your corner to advise and advocate for you each step of the way.

Business Coaching

Offered to business-owners and entrepreneurs, business coaching focuses on the strategic and tactical elements of business required to unlock potential throughout the organisation. Sessions are very practical and hands-on where the coach works with the client to develop an actionable strategic plan which is dissected into programmes which forms the foundation of the coaching engagement.

Executive Coaching

The effect of purposeful leadership sees a positive impact on employees that not only creates alignment but unlocks potential throughout the organisation.

With self-discovery as a necessary step in leadership development, Executive Coaching sessions focus on both personal and professional development to ensure holistic exploration and application of self to strategic goals for personal mastery. Sessions cover career- and  business related themes too, allowing for the alignment of personal to professional goals.

Teen Coaching

With shifts in personal, mental and emotional development taking place coupled with the demands of school and life at large, Teenagers are experiencing more pressure and stress than ever before.

To be happy, Teenagers need to take charge of their life, grow their confidence, become people-magnets, improve their lifestyle and follow their dreams. With the right guidance and encouragement from a Teen Coach, Teenagers gather confidence, determination and take responsibility for their future, learning to focus on and achieve their goals, to become the best version of themselves possible.

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