Check Your Organisation’s Pulse With An Employee Climate Survey

Understanding the psychological state of the individuals within an organisation as they navigate their lives through COVID-19 lockdown is an absolutely necessity and should be a priority before revising the business strategy to ensure successful navigation of the next few months.

As a specialist Human Capital Services company, The Focus Group has developed an Employee Climate Survey which gives business leaders an opportunity to better understand the people that make up their teams in order to lead them effectively during this time of uncertainty.

About The Survey

The anonymous 109-Question Survey takes just 15 minutes to complete and can be shared with an entire organisation or specific business units or teams.

The Survey measures individuals’ opinions regarding leadership, team membership, commitment to the team’s goals, climate, feelings towards achievement, motivation and reward, role clarification, work methods, team procedures, criticism, personal development, creative thinking and intergroup relations.

The Summary Report identifies strengths while highlighting areas that require attention. High level suggestions for improvement are also included in the report and further consultation is available upon request with our Human Capital Specialists should you wish to seek expert guidance on how to further develop your employees.

The Survey measures: 

  • Individuals’ opinions regarding leadership
  • Team membership
  • Commitment to the team’s goals
  • Climate
  • Feelings towards achievement
  • Motivation and reward
  • Role clarification
  • Work methods
  • Team procedures
  • Criticism
  • Personal development
  • Creative thinking
  • Intergroup relations

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