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In a radically disrupted, global and local marketplace caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdown regulations, many companies have been forced to rethink their strategies and operational processes which may result in restructuring, job redundancies and retrenchments.

Terminating employees without following the correct supportive processes can result in a negative domino-effect on both the individual and the economy, as thousands of traumatised and ill prepared employees become jobless and enter the ranks of the unemployed with no prospect of finding alternative employment.

The Focus Group’s Outplacement and Career Transition Service, assists companies and their displaced employees through the challenging period of restructuring, downsizing and retrenchment. Our highly specialised team of experts ensures that the process is managed professionally and sensitively, and in accordance with legislative requirements, whilst simultaneously ensuring that your organisation is able to achieve its overall objectives.

The programme aims to provide coaching, guidance, support, and resources for displaced employees who are coming to terms with their job loss and enables them to refocus their energy on new business opportunities and a proactive job search.


Our Bespoke Service Offering includes:

Counselling: We work with experienced counsellors who help individuals cope with their emotional reactions and assist them to become energised and motivated so that they are able to start proactively planning for the future.

Career and Skills Assessment:
Our Industrial Psychologist can assess the strengths and skillset of the terminated/downsized employees against potential career opportunities to ensure that they make informed and appropriate decisions towards their future.

Interviewing Skills Coaching:
We prepare candidates thoroughly to give them the best opportunity for successful employment.

CV Preparation:
First impressions last. Our Professional CV Writers are experts in creating CVs that ensure that candidate stand out from the crowd.

Recruitment/Placement Service:
With 30 years as an award-winning recruitment agency, our team is renowned for finding job opportunities for displaced candidates.

Employee Pre-Screening: Auditing a candidate’s professional, educational (and sometimes criminal) history and citizenship can require a significant amount of time and resources. Trust our Employee Verification Team to process these time-consuming checks for retrenched employees so that they can iron our any issues before they commence their job search.

Financial/Investment/Insurance/Tax Guidance:
We are able to assist in managing the financial aspects of the retrenchment process by guiding affected staff with regard to managing their retrenchment compensation, pension fund monies, insurances, health care and personal finances during periods of potential unemployment.

UIF and Pension Claims
: Our Payroll Professionals will guide staff through the steps of claiming UIF and Pension benefits and encourage them, where possible, to re-invest their pension monies in flexible but safe preservation funds.

Tax Advice: Our experts have a wealth of knowledge to advise on allowable tax benefits.

Our innovative approach to talent mobility allows us to partner with companies to move their employees out of the existing organisation and into alternative employment in a professional, caring and supportive manner that ensures future success for both the individual and the organisation.

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