Contribute Towards Growing South Africa’s Economy By Offering A Learnership

Does your business want to support the implementation of Learnerships in the country but you’re not sure how to go about achieving this?

The Focus Group is qualified to develop, delivery and manage Learnership Programmes for and on behalf of businesses.

What Is A Learnership?

A Learnership is a structured, work-based learning programme that is directly related to an occupation and usually takes place over one to two years, leading to a nationally recognised qualification.

Learnerships are offered by employers in contract with the learner and an accredited training provider with the goal of allowing learners to gain work experience in their chosen career while studying for a formal qualification.

The Benefits of Learnerships

Relevant Training For Business Needs

- Learnerships are developed by industry leaders for the industry, and in consultation with all stakeholders, resulting in learning programmes and qualifications that are relevant to the specific occupation.

- The learning programme outcomes meet industry standard.

- Qualification assures employers that learners are competent.

- Opportunity for collaborate with training providers to develop customising learning programmes to meet specific workplace needs

Improved Skills and Work Performance

- Learnerships enable learners both with the necessary theory and practical application of skills required to be competent in the work environment

- The learning path developed for a Learnership emphasises the practical application of learning in the workplace

- Companies automatically increase their knowledge-base, skillset and capacity when offering a Learnership

Benefits of Learnerships for Learners

- Better employment opportunities after completing the Learnership

- Fixed-term employment contract for the duration of the Learnership

- Learnerships improve on the job performance so they are able to do things relevant to the job

- A nationally-recognised qualification that is relevant to the sector

- Earning a learner allowance for the duration of the Learnership

Trained Recruitment Pool of Potential Employees

- Employers gain access to a qualified talent pool of workers who have skills that are relevant to the company’s specific work context

Increased Return on Investment in Training

- Higher returns from the Skills Levy and investment in training, due to transfer of learning to the job, as well as increased grant disbursements from Skills Levy contributions

- SARS offers companies attractive tax incentives for participating in Learnerships

Meet Employment Equity Targets

- Employment Equity targets can be met while offering previously disadvantaged employees the opportunity to improve their work-related competence and obtain qualifications

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