Consulting Services

At FOCUS CONSULTING we recognise the complexity of the modern business landscape and our philosophy is an “answers in the system” approach. We achieve results through process driven client interactions which are directed at establishing a positive, sustainable learning culture in the organisation. To this end we have established a multi-disciplinary expert network geared towards furthering the strategic positioning of our clients, particularly amidst ruling micro- and macroeconomic themes.


  • Customer Centricity
  • Integrity and Respect
  • Commitment
Quality and Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Performance Driven Culture

Focus Consulting adheres to client-defined outcomes and targets profitability improvement in its broadest sense. Our model delivers improved cohesion and higher levels of employee engagement, which invariably leads to greater solution ownership and future sustainability. By applying the action learning mind-set in the organisation, a creative, entrepreneurial culture is developed, easing growth towards a new strategic direction. Within the individual leadership intervention context, our approach leads to increased capacity building, improved emotional intelligence, enhanced decision-making and collaboration.


The Focus Consulting offering is specifically geared towards integrated solutions entailing People Management, Strategy and Process Innovation.

The Focus Consulting Triad gives an overview of our team’s areas of expertise.

If you are interested in having a conversation to identify areas of your business that hold locked potential, contact us and one of our Partner Consultants will get back to you.

Our Team


Sharon Lefkowittz

Sharon has a B.Hons Industrial Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management, and over 25 years HR Management and Development experience across the full HR spectrum of functions. She is a master facilitator for leadership, HR and business training programs. She is also well versed in SAQA/SETA requirements and is a registered verifier, moderator and assessor.


William Van Aarde

William is a registered Industrial/Organisational Psychologist and a Master HR Practitioner. He holds a M. Com & Advanced Diploma in OD. He specializes in Talent Management offering integrated custom solutions affecting the entire Employee Life Cycle, positively impacting the bottom-line. With over 27 years of experience he consults to organisations from varied sectors.


Liz Moore

Liz holds an MBA, an honours degree in Psychology, a marketing diploma and is a qualified Life and Business Coach. Liz is an extremely astute entrepreneurial business woman who has 17 years work experience across a diverse set of industries. She thrives on developing and implementing strategic solutions for clients that unlock huge potential. She follows an extremely strict fitness training schedule and believes this discipline forms the foundation of an extreme work ethic and passion for life.