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Vox - Working From Home like never before.

With the majority of South African businesses working from home – or at least operating within a hybrid office-home environment, having the right technology and reliable connectivity to operate remotely is essential.

The Focus Group is proud to partner with Vox to offer you everything you and your team need to create a comfortable home-office environment that gives you

Let us guide you in designing and setting up a a professional, well-priced office environment to ensure that you stay connected and comfortable.

Services include: Connectivity, Security, Managed IT, Cloud, Communications & Collaboration, Home & Business Solutions. Connectivity Types: Fibre, LTE, Mobile, Wireless, Wi-Fi, Satellite, ADSL, Security, Voice.

Solar and Back-up Power / UPS

We will supply you with:

✓ Inverters
✓ Solar PV Panels
✓ Batteries (VRLA, Lithium)
✓ Cabling / Mounting Systems
✓ Complete Systems (1-250kW)
✓ Containerised Power Systems
✓ Flood / Street Lights
✓ Shop / Warehouse Lights

The Focus Group is proud to offer solutions that help our clients save money, reduce their environmental footprint, and meet renewable standards. Solar is one such solution.

There are plenty of solar options out there which is why we have partnered with Annatis to help you select robust and reliable solutions using components that carry warranties of 5 years or more, where feasible, for our combined peace of mind.

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Ergonomic Furniture

Your employees spend at least a third of their lives behind their desks so make sure that their comfort is a priority with an Ergotherapy ergonomic chair.

Physio-designed, medically endorsed, Ergotherapy’s chairs provide an exceptional back support and comfort during long periods of seated work.

Ergotherapy’s chairs come with an industry-leading 30-Day Comfort Guarantee, so if they don’t improve your employees’ work life, we’ll give you your money back.

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Water Dispenser Purchase / Rentals | Door-To-Door Delivery

Everyone talks about that morning cup of coffee as a way to jumpstart the day and be productive, but what about the rest of the workday? With the chaos of a jam-packed workday or weekend filled with physical activity, the goal of drinking more water may be easier said than done. However, being intentional about your water intake can have a positive impact on productivity and will help to keep you alert and focused while you work.

Water cooler catch-ups might be a thing of the past but pure hydration on tap needn’t. What’s more, Aquazania encourages everyone to stay hydrated while they work from home with its clean, refreshing taste.

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Capital Asset Finance Solutions

The Focus Group is proud to announce its partnership with Redtree Capital to provide alternative business and asset finance solutions to South African businesses and suppliers.

Redtree Capital asset finance solutions are structured to meet your business’s cash flow needs. They will provide you with a finance solution to help you sell more products (Supplier Finance), buy  the asset you need to grow your business and let you use it  (Asset Finance), buy your existing asset from you but let you keep using it (Asset Refinance) or even rent you the personal asset you’ve had your eye on (Consumer Rentals).

Let Redtree Capital be the solid foundation that helps you grow.

Insurance Brokers

The Focus Group is proud to announce its partnership with Silver Knights Insurance Brokers (SKIB) to provide insurance for your Home Office or Small Office (SOHO) contents.

SKIB holds agencies with 20 of South Africa’s most well-known and reputable insurers which enables the agency to meet any of your short-term insurance needs.

The Team at SKIB is passionate about rendering exceptional service, ensuring that The Focus Group’s clients are provided with the correct cover at an affordable rate, with access to quick and professional turnaround if and when you have to make a claim.

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