Executive Employees

The Focus Group has a well established track record in the sourcing and identification of executive talent, within South Africa, on the Continent, and internationally. Our Search Division (SA, Africa and International) is operated by our senior executives, Leigh Ann Meinert and Gavin Sher, both of whom have extensive experience in executive and permanent talent search.

We believe that utilising a search methodology for the appointment of senior managers and executives offers numerous benefits to our clients, specifically:

  • The search process is targeted and specific and therefore ensures no wastage of time and resources.
  • It ensures that those high profile candidates, who, in the normal course of events, may not bother to respond to job advertisements, are included in the “talent search net”.
  • It allows for the specific targeting of Affirmative Action candidates.

Our Executive Search methodology encompasses the following elements:

  • The Focus Group identifies potential candidates who meet the definition of the search parameters and are highly regarded within their industry.
  • A confidential approach is made by The Focus Group in order to determine the interest and suitability of potential candidates.
  • Compilation and presentation of a list of suitable applicants as well as a detailed research report.
  • A comprehensive background verification of each candidate is undertaken prior to interviews taking place with the client. Background verification includes SA academic verification, international academic verification, SA and international employment references, professional memberships, criminal record and citizenship verification.
  • The client’s short listed candidates are subjected to a thorough interview and assessment process, conducted by The Focus Group’s Industrial Psychologist.
  • The client makes a final decision with regard to the preferred candidate.
  • The Focus Group assists the client to formulate an offer of employment, which is then communicated to the preferred candidate by The Focus Group.
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