The Focus Group’s Employee Benefits Division provides professional consulting services to Employers and their Employees to make sure that they enjoy the most cost-effective and beneficial retirement and risk fund solutions for their needs.

We work with a variety of product providers and administrators to craft an employee benefits solution based upon the needs of our clients that can range from basic retirement and risk cover to bespoke solutions that include ongoing secondary and tertiary education benefits, cover for future Health Care needs and mortgage bond cover for residential property.

Once the fund is installed or has been taken over by our team, we ensure the personalised management of all members which includes induction of new members, ongoing management of existing members and withdrawal of members who are leaving the organization. We continuously educate members and keep them up to date with new opportunities to improve their benefits, changes in legislation and changes in their own personal circumstances that require adjustment to their benefit selection such as in the event of a marriage or birth of a child.

Our communication and personalized service ensures that members are kept informed of investment fund performance and offers each member the opportunity to tailor his or her package of benefits to their individual needs.

We manage annual or bi-annual fund meetings for company management and employee representatives and ensure that we re-broke the fund  annually to ensure that the company and its employees are receiving the best value for money benefits and products available.

What makes us different?

The Focus Group is an independent brokerage and servicing company, and therefore we are free to work with all administrators, insurers and investment houses. We have a highly knowledgeable and experienced employee benefits team that works closely with your HR and Payroll Divisions internally to ensure that all processes run smoothly on a day to day basis, including over month and year end. We demand high quakily and professional service from the insurers and administrators that we recommend to you and we hold ourselves to the same high standards of service and delivery.

Many of our existing clients have initially given us an opportunity to review their existing benefits and pricing only to find that we are able to secure substantially better benefits for them at reduced prices, with highly personalised servicing… so why not put us to the test?

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