EASI Typology Test


EASI allows managers and HR professionals to identify what psychological traits make employees and teams tick. Knowledge about the drivers of people helps leverage the power of diversity.

With EASI, it’s possible to:

  • Identify personality traits and drivers of existing employees and teams
  • Get a common framework for effective communication regarding people-related issues
  • Assess, tune and build optimal winning teams and internal effectiveness
  • Create and manage dynamic teams based on fact instead of hunches
  • Turn human idiosyncrasies into beneficial dynamics and commercial success

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About EASI

EASI is based on four factors of the Five-Factor model of Personality, split into 2 orientation axes: Person vs Task and Control vs Participation.

EASI classification has four main types:

  • Enthusiast
  • Analyst
  • Supporter
  • Implementer

EASI is often used for the development of individuals and groups to improve communication. It’s a hands-on-tool developed to meet day-to-day business challenges.

EASI classifies both Bahaviour and Motivation, which can be used together or separately, depending on the purpose of testing.

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Application Areas

EASI is a developmental tool used for employees and managers at all levels of an organization. It creates value in the following situations:

  • Development and Collaboration
  • Teaching/Training
  • Team Building
  • Individual Development
  • Coaching
  • Career Advice
  • Employee appraisals
  • Organizational Culture Development

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