Cognitive Resource Evaluation for Talent Acquisition

With CORE you can accurately measure GMA-factor (G-factor) to evaluate cognitive ability for talent acquisition. From high volume recruitment to screening and final candidate evaluation, the CORE assessment can be conducted in 20 minutes, making it an easy and efficient assessment tool.

About CORE?

CORE strengthens your Talent Acquisition process.

While it’s a well-known fact that a candidate’s GMA level (General Mental Ability) is the best indication for job success, being able to validate this ability within minutes is innovative.

CORE lets you build talent acquisition processes with scientifically recognised standards.

Faster cognitive evaluation

Scientifically-sound testing of general mental ability


Visualisation of Result

The perfect fit for data-based recruiting

Paradoxically, hiring the right person for the right job does not necessarily mean hiring the candidate with the highest cognitive test score. Efficient and unbiased talent acquisition is about matching cognitive ability to the requirements of the job.

In just 30 minutes, CORE lets you uncover candidate potential to reliably forecast job success. Line managers, recruiters and others with HR responsibilities can look forward to a report that objectively assesses if a candidate will perform well for a given set of tasks.

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Get started - Easily implemented in the daily HR routines

Moving from gut feelings to scientifically proven job performance indicators heralds a new dawn in business-critical talent acquisition. What’s more, CORE achieves this by being easily implemented into daily HR routines of both small and large corporations alike.

Implementing CORE gives you:

  • Scientifically-based predictions support recruiting decisions.
  • Alignment to corporate objectives like 100% transparency and governance.
  • Easy implementation to complement busy HR departments with high-volume work

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"More than 95% of all organizations are hiring the wrong people every year."

High standard equales high trust

CORE is developed based on international standards and guidelines and have been reviewed by external specialist in professional psychometrical testing.

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We collect good stories about how our customers create measurable value with our solutions. The best effect is obtained by adapting the method to the individual business, large and small. No two stories are alike.


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