Business Process Evolution

Business Process Management or BPM, broadly speaking, is part of a tradition that is now several decades old that aims at improving the way business people think about and manage their businesses. When evolving processes, the underlying impulse is to shift the way managers and employees think about the organisation of business, to promote growth and prosperity.

Our team focusses on four key business process levers:

In today’s competitive economy, a business must remain agile. Business agility refers to distinct qualities that allow organisations to respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision. Adaptability, flexibility and balance are three qualities essential to long-term business agility.

Making use of enabling technologies assists to drive radical change in the capabilities of a user or culture. Equipment and/or methodology that, alone or in combination with associated technologies, provides the means to generate giant leaps in performance and capabilities of the user, allows an organisation to function better. For example, the coming together of telecommunication technologies, internet, and groupware has leveled the field so that even smaller firms are able to compete in areas where they otherwise could not.

Learning where your business is being excessive or wasteful can drive operating costs down tremendously. Small changes lead to big results and it often takes an objective, neutral, third party to analyse the business to identify these holes so as to make processes leaner.

Along similar lines, the ability to sort, store and analyse big data is also a necessary part of a market-leading business and this relies on quality knowledge management systems. Our team has been involved in multiple digital system development and execution projects and has a strong Information Technology background for sound, reliable advice.

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